Amecet n'ainapakin (Shelter of Peace) is a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM)in Soroti, Uganda. We are reaching out to HIV infected and affected children. We also are caring for new born babies, who lost their mother after the delivery. The third group of children we help, are children who need a safe place, they mostly come via the police. In this blog we want to share with you our stories, our pictures, our needs and blessings!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Celebrating life...

Happy Birthday to Apio Ruth!!!! She is 2 years today! On this picture you see her with her mother, Dominique, she is one of our staff in Amecet and she fell totally in love with this beautiful little girl. The people who have followed our blog have met Ruth before. Her story is such a testimony of God's faithfulness and how wonderful His ways are! She came in Amecet in October 2011, you can read that in the blog of October 3, 2011. After we saw that she was really abandoned, we gave her the name Ruth (blog Nov.2, 2011) There were many obstacles to take for Ruth (blogs of April 20, 2012 and May 25, 2012) and she still has a way to go, but now Ruth has a mother, the process is still going on with the Probation office, but it is such a joy to see Dominique and Ruth together.
Then we celebrate the life of Dennis, no it is not his birthday, but we celebrate his life!!!
Dennis had a small abscess on his head, and we wanted to shave some of his hair around the abscess, so that it would be easier to clean and to see how it was doing. We had to hold him very well, because he was fighting so much and we didn't want to cut in his head. Suddenly we realised that he was not fighting, we stopped and saw that he was not breathing and totally weak. We were shocked and started to get him back to life! We also sucked out the saliva out of his throat and that made him sneeze and cry. Woh what were we happy to hear him cry!!!! It was really panic, when he was back to life, we took him to the doctor next door and he checked Dennis. Everything was okay and Dennis started to be himself again. The doctor thought that he just got into shock from the fighting and the pain, this picture was this evening at the supper table. He is smiling and playing, Dennis you really scared us today, please do not do that again, we do celebrating your life today!!!

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