Amecet n'ainapakin (Shelter of Peace) is a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM)in Soroti, Uganda. We are reaching out to HIV infected and affected children. We also are caring for new born babies, who lost their mother after the delivery. The third group of children we help, are children who need a safe place, they mostly come via the police. In this blog we want to share with you our stories, our pictures, our needs and blessings!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Amecet has new (farm) land.....

In the blog of March 30th, I wrote about our 3 cows, Betsy, Clara and Daisy, and I shared about our desire to have more income generating activities for Amecet. Today I want to share  about our new land!!!

 This is a picture of the new land, it was still dry, by the time I took this picture. It is not very far, just outside Soroti (direction Lira).  Our plan is to use this land to grow crops, for Amecet, but also to sell. There is also the possibility to keep chickens, for the eggs, or even keep pigs. The cows will go there also in the future, we have now two cows pregnant, so our life stock is growing!! We are so thankful towards the Foundation de Figurant, from the Netherlands, they helped us to purchase this land, with their help, and also many gifts from Dutch people, we were able to pay for this land. 

Everything was paid cash.... On this picture you see Simon and the lawyer counting a part of the money. I felt  a bit nervous, when I got the money from the bank, in a shopping bag, and I brought it with me to the lawyer, where we all had to sign. We had many people involved it this, several family members from the family who sold the land to us, local leaders, a leader of the land committee, someone from YWAM Soroti and Elias, Simon and me. Many signature's were placed on the documents, so we know we are safe....
And on April 30th Amecet became the proud owner of the new Amecet farm land!!!
Now we have to start with the development of this land. The first step is to get a fence around it, because otherwise we will feed all the cows of the neighbourhood with our crops. Then we will grow maize and special grass for the cows. while we make a good plan for the next crop growing.
If anyone of you wants to be involved in this new project, please mail us. We also welcome donations towards the development of the Amecet Farm land....
This is how we get extra food for the cows now... Bosco and Simon went to cut the special grass at the roadside and brought it to the cows to eat. 

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