Amecet n'ainapakin (Shelter of Peace) is a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM)in Soroti, Uganda. We are reaching out to HIV infected and affected children. We also are caring for new born babies, who lost their mother after the delivery. The third group of children we help, are children who need a safe place, they mostly come via the police. In this blog we want to share with you our stories, our pictures, our needs and blessings!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Read about my "baby-day"......

 It was a real "baby day", today. The baby on the picture above, Mary, was one of the three new baby's we got in Amecet today. But it all started with Joseph:
 This is Joseph, He was brought early in the morning. We just finished our small meditation, which we always read in the morning with our staff, when we saw them coming into our compound. The story is sad. On Monday, the mother felt labour pain and went on her way to the health centre. But the baby came, she got some help from some ladies, who took her to a neighbours house, there was Joseph born, but the mother died, due to heavy bleeding. There is a lot of confusion in the family, there is someone who wants to care for him, but it was the best solution that Joseph for some time in Amecet stays, so the family can organize themselves. When we had all the information and Joseph was laying in his bed, Deborah (our nurse) and me went with 4 children to the hospital, for their ARV's (HIV medicines). This took some time and when we were almost finished, I got a phone call from the maternity ward in the hospital. There was a little baby, who lost his mother yesterday, the family was desperate, could we help?? We brought the children back to Amecet and Deborah and I went back to the hospital...
And there we heard the story of Simon (sorry for the pink clothes, but this is a boy) The mother was referred to the hospital from another health centre, because, the labour didn´t go well. They took her to the theatre and she had a Cesarean operation. the operation went well, but later the mother got problems with breathing, she died shortly after. The grandmother was with the baby and they didn´t know what to do. The father wasn´t there. She was very thankful for our help. the baby looks healthy and we got all the information about the family, we were ready to go, when the doctor came to ask us about another baby......
And that baby was Mary! Mary was born 3 weeks ago, also by a Cesarean operation. But the mother has a mental problem and is malnourished, the baby is also severe malnourished. They are still in the hospital and the grandmother tries to care for both of them. This baby needs help, the doctors had advised the family to bring the baby to Amecet, but the family didn´t dare or didn´t want. Now they saw us coming in and talk with the family of Simon and they saw that we were going to take baby Simon to Amecet, now they asked if we also could help baby Mary. We saw that baby Mary was in a bad condition, so we talked and asked the grandmother to come, with the baby in our car, to Amecet. So we could do the intake there (I had no extra forms with me..) We arrived in Amecet with two new baby´s instead of one. We weighed Mary and her weight was only 1.8 kg and she is three weeks old! We heard from the grandmother that they had feed her sugar water, they had no money for milk... 
This means that we have now 18 little baby´s in Amecet. yesterday, the hospital called me for baby Stella ( on picture left). She was also born on the way, her mother was on the way to the hospital. Her mother got severe bleeding and she passed away.
Than Gideon came to us, also via the hospital, the mother has a mental problem and he was born on the streets in Soroti. Later brought to the hospital. The mother walked out of the hospital, leaving Gideon behind....

These are twins, they were brought to us last week. left is the girl, Beatrice, her weight is 3 kg and at the right is her twin brother, Michael, his weight his 2 kg. He has some problems with drinking, he doen´t drink enough, so we gave him a NG tube, only for some days, so he can get his feeding without the hard work of the sucking..There mother died after a Cesarean operation, the baby´s were both breech.
We got baby Noel and the next day another baby girl was brought, baby Noelle, both had lost their mother. A baby boy from around 2 months was found along the way in Serere (neighboring district). The Police brought him to Amecet and they are doing the tracing of the mother. Baby Ruth was brought from Jinja, her parents are working with YWAM and the mother got serious complications after the delivery. In total we have 18 small baby´s.
Please keep us in your prayers, Pray that baby Mary picks up, she is not doing well, pray for the staff, it is a lot of work. All the new baby´s are fed throughout  the night......  Every time when we get a new baby into Amecet and I am writing down the story in our intake report, I am touched, several of our new baby´s were born on the road, those poor mothers.... All those families are now without a mother...who cares now for all those children? The mothers have a very important role in the family. 


  1. Don't mind the pink for the boy. I have read an article online, which said that pink used to be for boys, because of the strong colour. And blue was for girls. And somewhere it changed, due to 'fashion'.
    Good luck with all the babies. Luckily they have you at Amacet!

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