Amecet n'ainapakin (Shelter of Peace) is a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM)in Soroti, Uganda. We are reaching out to HIV infected and affected children. We also are caring for new born babies, who lost their mother after the delivery. The third group of children we help, are children who need a safe place, they mostly come via the police. In this blog we want to share with you our stories, our pictures, our needs and blessings!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ebenezer - Thus far has the Lord helped us.....

At the end of the year you look back over the year and the difficult and the good times. You realise that the difficult times are often ending in good times. You think about the tears and laughter and realise they were both good!! I give you some numbers about the last year:
We took in 138 children in Amecet in 2015. From those 138 children, 41 children came via the Soroti Police, children in a crisis situation. There were 67 babies brought in Amecet, whose mother died after the delivery. These babies stayed all an average of 2 months in Amecet, after that we re-settled them with their fathers.
Five babies died in Amecet, one died in the hospital shortly after we referred him there. We lost two of our older HIV+ children, who were back at their home. There have been hard times, even with tears, but when you look at the picture above, we have a good crew!!! And I am so thankful that God has brought us thus far..... I want to share some blessings with you:
Two pictures from Sagal, the first one from August, Sagal came in Amecet, very weak and sick. he was 3,5 years old. the second picture is from December 2015, 4 months later, he is a very cute, naughty boy. he knows what he wants and if he doesn't want....he will tell you!! He is responding very well on the medication and we all love him!!

 Then Jackson, the first picture is taken in July, he was taken in Amecet because his mother was dying and he was also very weak. He also responded so well on his medication. In the beginning we were worried about him, but he is now very active, he crawls through the whole house and is everywhere you don't want him to be.... He is very sweet and loves to be cuddled.
 Job was brought in Amecet in February 2015, he was weak and we struggled with him. The picture left is from April, even after 2 months he was so often sick, treatment for TB, blood transfusion, running to the hospital, on oxygen....Janneke has been very busy with him! Normally we keep children bot for a long time, but Job could not go home, he was too weak...
But it all paid off!! Look at the second picture, Job is so cute, he laughs and talks a lot. When he sees you coming, he starts smiling and "talking". we all enjoy him so much... He was brought by his auntie but we discovered that he has a father!!!! So we are now in the process of re-settling him back home with his father. We will miss him!!

 Nathan was 1,5 year when we brought him into Amecet, in November 2015. He was cared for by his grandmother. He was very weak for his age, he suffers from sickle cell, a sickness from the red blood cells. He could not crawl, or stand on his legs.
We can't cure his sickle cell, but we tried to make him stronger, and look at the second picture... just 6 weeks later...He is cheerful, tried to walk and moves on his buttocks through the whole house. he has a beautiful smile and he also loves to be cuddled. He will go back to his grandmother in the future. 
We are thankful to God! In spite of our weaknesses He uses us in this ministry to the little one's He loves so much. Even this week, we have been busy with a baby, who got suddenly so sick, we were scared we would loose him. With the help of doctors and a lot of care he is doing much better!!
Yesterday evening an ambulance stopped at our gate. Inside the ambulance was the dead body of a mother and a small infant, just born, some hours before. The mother had not made it. Please, could we help with the baby??? yes of course, we took the baby in, Charles is his name, we pray God's comfort for the family, who burried the mother today. We pray God's help for this little baby who lost his mother... We continue, Ebenezer, Thus far the Lord has helped us, we trust him for the next year, 2016, that the Lord will help us!!!!
Thank you for you prayers and support! We pray that we will be together in 2016 as well. We need you!