Amecet n'ainapakin (Shelter of Peace) is a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM)in Soroti, Uganda. We are reaching out to HIV infected and affected children. We also are caring for new born babies, who lost their mother after the delivery. The third group of children we help, are children who need a safe place, they mostly come via the police. In this blog we want to share with you our stories, our pictures, our needs and blessings!

Monday, September 30, 2013

William has been operated today.

This morning at 9 am, Barbara and I were at the hospital with William.We had some problems with him during the weekend. He didn't drink much and we couldn't give him by IV, because the cannula didn't work anymore. Barbara had taken him to the clinic for a new cannula, but they couldn't find a vein. They tried twice for a hour, but didn't succeed. He was feed every 30 minutes 15 ml. That stayed in. When the doctor saw him, we expected him to book us for the operation the next day, but he said he wanted to operate him that same day, and not wait another day!
 So we were admitted in the the hospital, they found a vein on his head, so they gave him some fluids before they would operate. Here you see Barbara in the ward, at the background the doctors do their big ward round, it was quite interesting to observe!
After some time, we were told to take him to the building where the theatre is and when the doctors were ready, he was laid on the operation table. I found it scary, such a small boy and all those machines... 
 Barbara was allowed to be present and observe the operation, but she had to put on the operation gear...
While they were operating William, I went back to Amecet to bring Alice to the doctor and to check if every thing was okay in Amecet.
When I came back, they were just finished, 1,5 hour later. They brought him out, he was a bit cold, from laying on the operating table and he needed blood transfusion. The told us to take William to the children ward. There we got a small space and William got his blood transfusion and other medicines. We had contacted William's father again and he was there, together with Moses, the older brother of William. Moses is a teacher and he and his father will be with William during the nights. William is doing well, after the blood transfusion and the extra blankets, he was looking good. He was still sucking away at his dummy.
We are very grateful that all went well, the doctor told us that he had made a bypass from the small intestines to the colon. There was a kind of tumor, which blocked the way. They couldn't take out the tumor, William's condition was too vulnerable, but for now this will help him. Tomorrow morning we will go and see him, we hope that he can be taken back to Amecet in a couple of days.

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