Amecet n'ainapakin (Shelter of Peace) is a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM)in Soroti, Uganda. We are reaching out to HIV infected and affected children. We also are caring for new born babies, who lost their mother after the delivery. The third group of children we help, are children who need a safe place, they mostly come via the police. In this blog we want to share with you our stories, our pictures, our needs and blessings!

Monday, April 9, 2012

New life...

This afternoon a small van drove into our compound, when the door opened, I saw a coffin inside the van. And I also saw a lady, holding a small baby. The people came out the van and then we heard the sad story, In the coffin was the body of the mother of the little baby. The baby was born, this morning at home, but after the delivery, the bleeding didn't stop. They arranged transport to the Hospital in Soroti. The mother passed away at arrival in the hospital. They got the coffin and were now on  their way back to the village, to bury the mother. They asked our help for the baby. The father was there, sad and a bit confused. We asked the name of the baby, they had no name yet. So they talked among themselves and came back with the name: Blessing! It touched me that they named this baby Blessing, my prayer is that the little girl will be a blessing to her family! I took her to the clinic next door, and they retied the cord. In the village they tied the cord with banana fibres and the cord was very long. She had her first bottle and she drank 25 ml.

The rain also brought new life into our compound. You can see the difference in the two pictures, the second picture is taken today. You can see the new green grass coming up.
I love this season, everything comes back to life, the compound looked like sand only, but underneath there was still life. It only needed some rain to come up!
In our life it is sometimes also dry and sandy, but when the rain comes, the new life, opportunities, blessings will spring up, like the grass in our compound.

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  1. Els, I just love your perspective on life and how you are always sharing stories and making them apply to life!! Bless you!!