Amecet n'ainapakin (Shelter of Peace) is a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM)in Soroti, Uganda. We are reaching out to HIV infected and affected children. We also are caring for new born babies, who lost their mother after the delivery. The third group of children we help, are children who need a safe place, they mostly come via the police. In this blog we want to share with you our stories, our pictures, our needs and blessings!

Thursday, July 5, 2018


Sjaak, a Dutch volunteer has been working many hours behind the computer, creating our first (after almost 17 years!!) Amecet website. It gives a good over view from all the work we do in and around Amecet, it is in Dutch and English. The blogs will be also on it and many other things, pictures, updates etc. Please visit our site and if you have feedback, please, let us know!!!

 Yesterday Paul was brought, a little boy of 2 years, he was brought by his mother (who is mentally retarded) and a community worker. Paul is severe malnourished, swollen feet and hands, looks very pale. After taken him to the doctor and several tests, he had to go on I.V injections and needed blood transfusion.
Today, we tried to feed him, he likes to eat, but doesn't want eggs, milk etc, which he really needs. We decided to give him a NG tube, we will use that tube to give him milk and porridge and for the rest he can eat what he wants to eat. But he is not a very happy boy yet!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Our last respect to Margaret....

Margaret has been in Amecet and went back to her home in February 2018. She didn't had an easy start in life, her mother died at her birth. That was the reason why she came to Amecet. In February, her father took her back home in Serere to care for her. She was doing good. On Friday (June 29th) Simon got a phonecall that Margaret was sick and she was admitted in the hospital in Serere. He followed it up and heard that she was referred to Soroti Hospital. The father came on Saturday to Amecet for some help, to buy medicines for Margaret, who suffering from a pneumonia. On Monday morning at 7.45 am, the father came to Amecet, he told us that Margaret had died that morning. The staff asked him what was now going on and found out that the doctor had said to the father to take everything out the hospital, so he did. He had taken the body of his daughter, put it in a basin and in a sack and walked to Amecet. He had left the basin (with the body) outside the gate, not knowing if we would allow him to bring in a dead body. The staff took immediately the body into our medical room. Cared for it and washed her and lay her out on a bed. With dignity and respect, Margaret was laid down in peace.
The father was sitting on our veranda, he was upset and crying. We served him tea and bread and he calmed down a bit. Simon went to get a small coffin and later Margaret was laid in the coffin and Simon brought the father and the coffin to their village in Serere, where she was to be buried, next to her mother.
Why do I write this story??  Maybe, because I am also upset how things went yesterday morning, how a mourning father is treated in the hospital and how the system works, that there is no respect for the death or for the mourning parent. This is how things go here and I am sad about it.....
Dear Margaret, your struggle is over, rest in Peace...... 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Amecet Farmland...

We would like to share with you an update on our Farmland... On May 17th I wrote that we had bought it and all the money was given to the former owners in the office of the lawyer. In the blog of May 17th,  I also posted a small (simple) map and there was a funny corner in our land. We were able to buy that little part as well, it was owned by an other person. And now the work has begun.....
First the land had to be cleared and ploughed. That was done by a neighbour, with his bulls and plough!

  Then the cement poles were put in holes, with cement and after that wire and chain link was put around the whole place.  We are so thankful that we got the gifts to do this, because it was impossible to start planting in the ground. We would be feeding all the cows and goats from the neighbour hood
We made a small wall to hang the gate and the gate is the same as the gate of Amecet and Amun. Then there is maize planted and also sweet potatoes. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The joy of meeting old friends again...

It is always such a blessing to meet children again, after they have gone home or have been adopted. To see how good they do now and knowing that we have been involved in the beginning of that process!

The family who adopted Nico in 2010, shifted back to the  States, but came with their whole family to visit Nico's home country! Nico was their first born son, later they got three more (biological) children. It was so nice to see Nico, he is a big boy, doing well in school and is good in sports. We feel so honored that we could be a part of this! Nico was a bit shy, didn't remembered us, but it blessed us so much to see and meet him again!

This are Patrick and his big brother Job. They both came in Amecet, after they were abandoned in town. They are no biological brothers. Patrick was found at night, sitting in the street, he was very malnourished and sick. We have tried to find relatives, but all in vain. He was adopted by a lovely couple on 22/1/2018. They love Patrick and they came back for another child and adopted Job on 21/5/2018. Job was found in the bus station, nobody knows where he is from and all our attempts to trace for the family didn't succeed. Job was very traumatized, he didn't talk. But now he and Patrick are best friends, they talk and go together to nursery school. To see those abandoned, traumatized children taken into a loving family gives us so much joy!!

Acia was brought in Amecet in 2016, she was 6 years old and very malnourished (6 kg.) She couldn't sit, stand or crawl in the beginning. Couldn't talk and she didn't see much. We focused most on the malnutrition and try to help her to sit. She improved and when she left after 2 months, her weight was 10 kg. She could crawl a bit. An American missionary family helped the family, but the parents really didn't want Acia. The parents of the American family, fell in love with her and they wanted to try to adopt her, to take her for specialized therapy. They are now living in Uganda and foster Acia. There are improvements and when I saw her today, I was amazed!!! Acia is healthy, but she still doesn't talk and she can't see much. See her here standing on our Veranda!!! I am so happy that she is loved and cared for!!

It is an encouragement to see those children back and it reminds us that we were a part of the beginning of this process!! We feel thankful!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Education is a KEY!!!!

 As soon as possible, when the child is able to go, we enroll the children in school. We feel that it is very important for the children to get education. Today, Silivia (second of right) went to school for the first time in her life. She is 11 years old and had never the chance of going to class. The boy at the right is Daniel, he is 13 years old, he is  in P1, together with Silivia and also with Okello the boy third from the right. Okello is 9 years old and never went to school either. You should have seen their faces, they were so happy and so proud of their uniform and their school bag!! It is not easy when you are 11 or 12 years old and you are in class with children who are 6 or 7 years old. We are truly thankful for the teachers from Harmony Primary school, who always allow our children to join. The girl at the left, is Harriet, she is 12 years old and goes to P3. When the children are going back to their families, we will make sure that the child will stay in school.
The children are picked at 7 am in the morning by the Harmony school bus. And they come back around 2 pm. Their lunch is waiting for them and after that they go for a nap! And they sleep.... the children are still not as strong as the other children, so the rest in the afternoon is doing them well!

 Then Matthew went to the nursery school last week. We felt that he needed more to interact with children of his age and we thought to try it out. He is 3 years old and Teacher Susan allowed him to join baby class. This is his first day of school, he was so proud of his bag....
They had already started Bible class (the first day I always bring them) and he could sit in front, while they were singing, he didn't know what to think of it, so many children....... I left him and when I came to pick him at 12 noon, he was carried by a teacher and he had cried the whole morning... with his bag on his back!!! The teachers told me that we should not give up, he will get used to it, they said. I felt a bit worried, it is a lot of work in baby class, with 35 toddlers of 3 years and than a screaming Matthew, who wants to be carried........I am impressed with the nursery teachers!!
When Matthew came back home in Amecet, he was happy, smiling, he wanted the school bag to go in bed with him.... and he had a nice potty time with Mary, he was just okay!!!!

PS. He cried for 3 more days, but yesterday he was very fine in school, he "wrote" in his book en played with the other children. Unfortunately, he had fever this morning, so we kept him home and took him to the clinic for testing, we started treatment directly, hope that he is not crying tomorrow??

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Bringing Betty to her last restingplace.......

It was a sunny Sunday morning today. Together we carried the coffin in to our car. The children all looked and it was a moment of saying goodbye... We prayed for the journey, for Betty's father and family and for the children, staying behind in Amecet...
We left with 4 staff members, accompanying Betty to her last resting place. On the way we picked two staff members from the organization that helped Betty when she was in the village and we drove to her village. It was around 1 hour drive. When we came close to the home, driving on one of those small, little roads, people came running to the car, and they started to run in front of the car, a moment later, some were running behind the car. Elias drove slowly now, the little road was bumpy and very small. More people joined, running behind the car. It was so special, like if they joined Betty on her last trip home... When we arrived at the home, chairs were borrowed from several neighbours and we sat down. There was already quite a group of people sitting under the mango tree, waiting for the arrival of Betty's body. The coffin was brought into one of the huts and we all joined the people under the mango tree. After some welcome words, I started to explain what has happened in the 9 weeks that Betty had been with us. She had been sick for 7 weeks and the last 5 weeks was most of the time on bed. I also urged anybody, who was on ARV medicines, or cared for children who were on ARV medicines, to take them on time, every day and to go to the health centre when someone was sick. The family was very thankful for all that we had done for Betty, they all gave it back to God, they said. We left, so the family could mourn without us, they will bury her today......
We drove back to Soroti, there was worship music playing in the car, 10.000 reasons to thank you Lord.. Sometimes you have to think about that, but yes, in spite of everything, we thank the Lord for the short life of Betty. We enjoyed her, she was a beautiful girl with a sweet spirit, another beautiful Morning Glory flower has withered.......

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Betty's suffering is over.....R.I.P.

Today, Saturday, I got a phone call at around 5 pm., Betty was doing very bad. I was at home, because of my free day, just wanted to start cooking, Mary and I jumped in the car, leaving Sarah in charge at home, with Helen and Cathy.
When we came in Amecet, we saw a big change, she was really dying now. I have been writing in different blogs about Betty ( April 28, May 15 and 21 and June 6). It is so hard to see a child of 13 getting slowly worse and worse. You can't do much about it, just trying to make her comfortable.
This picture is from 2016, she was with us and left to go back home, very happy and healthy. Betty was HIV+ and her father and stepmother would care for her at home. But this year she came back, brought by another organization, which works in the village with HIV+ children. We tried, but I think that Betty was already too sick. And when she became more sick, Betty gave up, I think.
When we came in Amecet today, the staff had already prayed with her. Betty was restless, a bit scared as well. Mary and I were just sitting with her, holding her hand, touching her, and telling her that is was okay, that we loved her, she became more peaceful. There was a moment that her room mate Harriet came in the room. At first a bit scared, but then she also stroked her head. It was so special, Harriet told her that God knows it all...... We had both tears in our eyes.. The moment of her last breath came fast, she was very peaceful and just stopped breathing... It was a sad and also special moment, to be there together with Mary, with this precious girl, who had gone to her Father! After they cleaned her and removed the IV. cannula, the catheter and the NG tube, we went outside, where the other children were. I told them what has happened with Betty and Mary translated me. In the past years, I have done this so many times, than Mary had been among the children, today, she was there for the children, to explain what just had taken place inside the medical room. Together with the children we went to look at Betty, we prayed together.
Betty, thank you for your sweet spirit. We have cried for your suffering, now we dry our tears because your suffering is over, you are now with Jesus!!! We only feel the pain of missing of you.......