Amecet n'ainapakin (Shelter of Peace) is a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM)in Soroti, Uganda. We are reaching out to HIV infected and affected children. We also are caring for new born babies, who lost their mother after the delivery. The third group of children we help, are children who need a safe place, they mostly come via the police. In this blog we want to share with you our stories, our pictures, our needs and blessings!

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Amecet gang......

At the moment we have 10 little boys in Amecet, who crawl/walk or on the stomach, move over the veranda and the compound! from left to right, back row: Moses (twin), Sagal, Peter (twin), Ben, Joseph, Edward. The front row: Yoweri, Nathan, Jackson and Job!
They keep us very busy, next to the 10 little bay's we have as well to care for!
 Sometimes they play on the mat on the veranda, but most of the time, they are all over the compound!
 On the slide, which is going well most of the time, but sometimes there is a quarrel and we have to run to them, before one of them is pushed off....
As almost happened here with Joseph... 

Joseph was operated because of his cleft pallet , you can read about him in the blog of October 20, 2015. He is doing very fine now, he needs a second operation next year, then the doctor will close the inside of the pallet.

Nathan is 1 year and 9 months, he is with us for 3 weeks now. He can not walk, because of sickle cell and his legs are very weak. He moves over the veranda on his buttocks. We are exercising his legs and we see already a change in him. It is a very sweet boy, his mother abandoned him and now his grandma takes care of him. 
 The merry-go-round is also a favorite activity, but here is Moses hanging off.
Edward is helping in the garden, but with the rains we get every night, it is muddy and we have several changes of clothes every day... Edward is doing well, you can read his story, how he came into Amecet in the blog of October 21, 2015

 At 10 am. it is snack time, everybody comes back running to wash their hands and sit on the mat, ready for the snack, today it is bread and milk.

 Helping (?) uncle Calvin in the garden. It is nice to see how much patience he has with them, they do "help" him a lot....
 Sagal en Peter are coloring together. Sagal (left) is doing very good, he gets his medication every day and it is amazing how this little boy has changed!! You can see how he came into Amecet on August 28, 2015 you will not recognise him. He is very strong willed and if he decides not to listen, he will not listen... a challenge!!
 Jackson is "cleaning" up?? He can't yet walk, but crawls with speed all over the place and he pulls himself up on the shelves to empty them... Jackson is in Amecet since July, he has gained and changed a lot, he came in very sick and weak (see blog of July 21)

The twin brothers Moses and Peter, they do play a lot together, but they can fight together as well.....

They are the oldest boys of the gang and they do a lot of things they should not climbing trees... 
They came in Amecet in October, you can read the story in the blog October 2.

Ben is two years old and he came in Amecet 4 days ago. He was referred by the Prisons. Both of his parents are in the cells and his mother is pregnant and will deliver this week. We are trying to contact relatives, where Ben will go to until his parents are released from prisons.
And this is Job, the youngest from the gang! He is almost 10 months old. He has been very sick and for a long time we didn't know what could be the problem. Since a couple of weeks he is really changing. He can't crawl, but he sits and enjoys himself, he is part of the gang!! He smiles and react to people, You can read about him in the blog from April 1, 2015.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Conference about the problems around maternal mortality in Teso

 Friday, Amecet was invited to attend the conference about Maternal mortality in the Teso region. The conference was organized by Teso Safe Motherhood. People from the government, community leaders and medical personnel were together to discuss the problems and seek for solutions.
It was interesting to hear what is going on and what are the main reasons for so many mothers who die after delivery. Good to see that the mortality in Uganda has dropped a lot, it reduced to half from what it was 15 years ago. But still too many mothers die after giving birth. Many times it is of severe bleeding. The good news is that Soroti is trying to get a blood bank in Soroti, so there will be more blood available for transfusion. Now we get the blood transported from Mbale. 

As Amecet, we know of the pain and the struggles a family goes through, after they lost the mother.
Right now, we have 9 baby's in Amecet, who lost their mother after the delivery!!
Nine baby's without a mother, nine families without a mother, nine husbands without a wife!
I hope and pray, more will be done to have mothers deliver safely!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Emmanuel has got a Family!!

In our first blog of this year, I wrote about Emmanuel, and you can see his first picture, a small baby whose weight was only 1.8 kg! Over the months we have been busy with him, because we didn't know the HIV status from his mother, we started him on medication, but after the tests we got the results that he is free of HIV! We tried to find his relatives, the mother disappeared, but via radio and newspapers and going to the area where he was found and asking questions around, we tried to get at least someone who knew the mother..but all in vain. At the same time there was a family in Belgium, waiting for a second child and after a lot of paperwork, the High Court in Soroti gave a positive ruling for Bram and Melina Ingels to be the forever parents of Emmanuel and for Franco to be the brother of Emmanuel. 
It was a joy to see the family bonding together and we let them go with our blessings and prayers!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Innocent came in April 2015 in Amecet. He is HIV+ en also his mother is sick. They came from the North of Soroti, quite far from here, Innocent has a sister in Soroti, and via her, they came to Amecet.
We saw that he had a lot of skin problems and we also observed that he had not taken his ARV's very regular. Janneke took him to the HIV clinic and they did several tests. The outcome was not very good, Innocent immunity was very low. New ARV's were started, but we were also very concerned about his skin lesions. A biopsy was done and the result was not good, it was cancer. We were referred to the Cancer Institute in Mulago Hospital in Kampala. There they did tests again and a programme was made for for chemo therapy. Janneke went with him for 5 times now, every week. Mostly Elias goes with her and drives the van. Innocent can sleep during the trip, which is always at least 5 or 6 hours. Too long to go on one day, so they sleep in a lodge and come back the next day. This takes a lot from Innocent (and also from us), in agreement with the doctors they decided to admit Innocent in Mulago Hospital, in the Cancer unit. His mother stays with him. She really wanted that, she also came to Soroti and is doing a bit better.
We miss him, but it is better this way, he is close to the doctors and they keep a good eye on him. I found this picture from Innocent, he loves playing with our puppy. We hope and pray that he will be back to play with the puppy again (a bit bigger than) and we want to ask you to join us in our prayers for Innocent. He deserves it!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

P 7 candidates ready for their exams...

In Uganda, you go first to Pre-school, for 3 years, Baby class, Middle class and Top class, in the villages are not many Pre- schools, but in the towns there are many. Children can go to Pre-school when they are around 3 years old. After the Pre-school, they go to Primary for 7 years. And at the end of  P7 there is an important, national examination. It will determine in which division you come, some secondary schools only accept the highest, Division 1 and 2. There is a lot of pressure and it is a trying time for the candidates.
On Monday they start the exams, Nation wide. Today we had a wonderful time in our YWAM Harmony school, encouraging and praying for the P7 candidates.
 Starting with the flag ceremony.
 Singing of the National anthem
 We had come with some staff of the YWAM Soroti base, and David let the singing
 That was fun, teachers, pupils and YWAM staff joined hands and voices!
 There was an encouragement from the Bible and we prayed for the P7 candidates
 The P7 students also had a song for us
One of the teachers provided a cake with firework!!!!I believe the students were so happy and encouraged, it brought us all together and there was a lot of laughter and fun... After that the classes continued, but after the lollipop the children (and teachers) got, I don't know if there was a lot of concentration in class.....

Monday, October 26, 2015

The weekend of newborn baby's...

This weekend we received 5 newborn baby's in Amecet, from all of them their mother passed away....

The first two were twins, they came on Saturday morning, they were born early that same day... and their mother passed away.

A small little premature boy was brought, he was born 10 weeks too early, but he looked good and was not too small, he was also born on Saturday and was brought in the afternoon to Amecet.

Then at the end of the afternoon a baby girl was brought, she was just born that afternoon and her mother had passed away. 

That made 4 baby's on one day!!!!

Sunday, at the end of the afternoon, another little baby was brought, He was born that day, but his mother passed away. This baby had serious problems, he has seizures the whole time. The father had no one to stay with him in the hospital, because this baby was sick.. The father rushed back to organise to get the body of his wife transported home. Janneke called the doctor who referred the baby to Amecet and stayed with the child, most of the night. But the situation didn't get better, even after giving the medicines the doctor had prescribed. In the morning Janneke went to Dr. Engulu, in the clinic next to us, he advised to bring the baby to Soroti Hospital, the baby was now also on oxygen and fed by NG tube. We called the father, he was first too busy to come, he was organising the burial of his wife... We insisted, so he came, together with a lady who would stay with the baby in the hospital, So this little baby is in the hospital now, we pray he will make it, his situation is not good. All in all it was a sad weekend, so many children lost their mothers, we pray we can minister to them for this time and help the family to care for those little one's.

P.S. The last, fifth baby passed away on Monday evening at around 6 pm in the Hospital.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The day of the abandoned baby's..

This morning Simon got a phone call from the Police in Kaberamaido, a neighbouring District, there was a little child found, abandoned by his parents under a tree, if we could take the child, while they were trying to trace for the parents. It is always so sad to hear that a child is just left behind, whatever the reason might be, how desperate the mother might have been, you can't just let a little child behind! So Simon, Carmen (Dutch volunteer) and I hopped in the car and off we went! while we were driving, Simon told us that he received another phone call, from the same Police officer, there was another abandoned child, in the same District!!
We went to the Police station, about 1,5 hour drive, and picked the Officer of the family department and another Police officer and went to the home where they kept the first child.
 It was a small boy, maybe 1,5 to 2 years old. We got the story that the man in the blue shirt, heard the child crying and he went to look, it was a short distance of his home. He found the little boy, sitting under the tree on his own. he doesn't talk. Nobody saw his mother or father or anyone they don't know in the neighbour hood. They treated his skin rashes, but when nobody came to look for the child, they went to report to the Police.
 Carmen took him in the car, we saw one smile and then he slept. He didn't mind us, he just was okay with us, that is not a good, healthy sign, he doesn't know us, so he should have been scared for us!
then we drove on to the next child, this was a baby of maybe 2 months old......
There was a big crowd of people gathering around the car. I got the little crying baby in my arms, people were upset that the mother left the baby behind and they were happy for us to take the child. They knew Amecet and were glad that we would care for the baby. 
It was a beautiful baby boy, with a sad story, the evening before a young lady came with the baby in one of the little restaurants in the trading centre. She took a cup of tea and asked a young girl to hold her baby, while she went to get some airtime for her mobile phone. She jumped on a motor taxi and disappeared. They traced the taxi driver and he told them that she stopped him in the next trading centre and took off. No where to be seen...It really hurts me that a mother can leave her little baby behind like that. How can we find her or her family? She might be from far, nobody had seen her before, this little child will never known his family... 

We took pictures of the children in the clothes they were found in. We will put pictures in the local newspapers, maybe someone will recognise the children and contact the Police or Amecet. We gave names to the them, every child should have a name.. the bigger boy we call Edward and the baby got the name Daniel.              

Baby Daniel got a bath, a bottle and was sleeping in a nice clean bed. Edward also got a bath, and new clothes, he is scared now, he still doesn't talk, he seems to be traumatised. Tomorrow we will take them to the doctor for a checkup, please pray for those little ones........